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What are we cooking today?

We use the freshest ingredients available which is why our menu is different every day.


Despite our daily changing menu, every time you visit Amo La Vita food truck we will be offering at least 3 different fresh house-made pastas, 1 lighter option or “Primi Patti”, fresh baked focaccia, a desert option and made to order ice teas. See below for an example menu.

Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Local, Organic, and Fresh.

Where do we get our ingredients from?

Amo La Vita takes pride in partnering with local suppliers to provide our guests with the freshest, best tasting, and highest quality products. We source ingredients from suppliers along the Sea-to-sky and the lower mainland. We also import select Italian delicacies for that authentic touch.


Kerry and Andrew started Laughing Crow Organic Farms to create a livelihood that could give back to their community; allow them to work for themselves; and would not create a burden for future generations to inherit. They grow high quality Certified Organic vegetables in the fertile Pemberton Meadows and never compromise on freshness or variety.

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Maple Hill Farms is a family owned & operated business located in the small farming community of Mt. Lehman, in the central Fraser Valley they supply our certified organic free-range eggs. The hens are allowed to roam freely outside during daylight hours much of their adult life and are completely cage-free. The hens are fed a ration which is grain/vegetable based, non-medicated and contains no antibiotics or animal by-products. Once the eggs are collected, they are graded in a small family-operated, government inspected facility. From here they are delivered directly to the Amo La Vita Food truck.

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Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef raise their Angus cattle outdoors and feed them only on home grown grain and hay. Whilst not Organically Certified, their beef is free of steroids, hormones and antibiotics and naturally leaner and tastier than the mass produced beef more commonly available in stores and restaurants. to learn more about their ethos and practices visit their website by clicking on the link below.

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Thiessen Specialty Poultry raise their flock of carefully bred birds in a natural, cage free environment with an emphasis on providing humane, hygienic and nurturing living conditions. The family run Thiessen Specialty Poultry continues Peter Thiessen’s philosophy that “Biggest isn’t Best and Best isn’t Biggest” and they strive for maintaining a high standard of integrity. The birds are given room to grow, are raised antibiotic-free, and are provided with all natural animal byproduct-free food.

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Cheese and Italian specialty products

BOSA Foods was founded in 1957 by Augusto Bosa who recognized a need for traditional Italian food in the lower mainland. Sourcing and bringing the finest and sometimes most obscure traditional Italian products to the Italian community their aim is to bring true Italian cuisine to your table.

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You can find the Amo La Vita food truck at 1 of our 4 locations in Whistler and Squamish! Check our Schedule to find out where we will be.

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